We are excited to present our new Sociable Tandem Trike prototype! This is the result of riding around our Amphibious Sociable Tandem Trike for a year, and the improvements come from direct experience on the road.

Some of the features include: dual pedal drives with 21 gears apiece, dual disc brakes, back cargo area for a cooler, groceries-you name it, a small bench seat for children, non-heirarchical steering, a fabulous removable roof rack, adjustable seats, and drink-holders!

We attach our solar panel and phone/speaker stereo to the steering apparatus, but a larger system could easily be built onto the roof rack, with more power and room for batteries.

We anticipate that the Basic Safari Trike will cost around $4,000.00, and we are currently running a Kickstarter where you can purchase one here.  A BioniX electric assist kit can be built onto the Trike for an additional $1,500.



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